Columbia Colombia is the United States the famous outdoors brands. Colombia upstream shoes, quick-drying, breathable, lightweight, and make the wearer regardless of the terrain being, can walk steady, on land, water is ideal. Fabric upper with synthetic material, wicking breathable; Techlite ® Super shock-mitigation technology after the end of the special, will provide superior cushioning protection and sport comfort midsole in the heel and toe built-in drainage holes so that water can quickly go. Outdoor grip outsole with Omni-Grip ® technology, Toe Toe protection; Groove functional sole design direction, antiskid effect is good, wet pavement grip is nice; one pedal design, flexibility ease of putting on and taking off shoes.
Single Stud shoe 198g. Current United States Amazon the dark blue, grey specials $ 53.8, superimposed on father’s day after 80 percent of DADSHO14, paid US $ 43.07.

$43.07 Columbia Ventslip men upstream shoes (requires code)

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