ALIENWARE alien was someone dreams, the ALW17-8125sLV i7-4700MQ, with a capacity of 16GB low-voltage memory as the core, highlights video using NVDIA ascendants flagship GeForce GTX 780M,4GB GDDR5, is equipped with a 80GB capacity SSD and 1 1TB mechanical hard drives, screen resolution is 1920 x
1080, is relatively good. United States Amazon currently discounted to $ 1849.99, TRANS-weight of 17 pounds, with approximately 130000 Yuan in taxes, although relatively formal B2C price advantage good, but there are new businesses with a Meow stars were also 18000 domestic prices, how to get the ones you kanguan to decide on their own.

ALIENWARE ALW17-8125sLV 17.3-inch gaming laptop (I7, GTX 780,, 16GB) and $1849.99 (~ 13000)

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