Ameda is Switzerland brand in nearly a century ago, would have created the world’s first medical grade breast pump.
Ameda products both for medical or household, are in accordance with EU Medical Device Directive European standards for medical device design and manufacturing, adopted by the European Union CE, United States FDA, UL, bodies such as BSI certification. Today the Ameda electric double breast pump, light and portable, powerful, and analog baby from weak crescendos of “inhalation and” loop. All the materials are free from BPA. Proven Airlock silicone is part of the film separated from breast milk and breast pump pumping air in, effectively blocking all kinds of bacteria, this Medela virtues also does not have merit. CustomControl autonomous control systems, suction and speed can be adjusted on both sides, make sure that you can freely adjust the strength to make yourself the most comfortable and feeling.
Commonly used on the Platinum level of medical products VacuSense vacuum induction technology, ensures that even at different elevations have constant suction.

In General, this product combines the proven technology of traditional medicine and modern science and technology.
Is very suitable for full-time work or temporarily unable to take care of the child’s mother, and have a simple, effective prevention of clogging of the breast.
What’s worth buying friends “tooth decay natural enemy of” recommended reasons: “once tangled Medela and Ameda, after more in-depth understanding, bigger is not necessarily better, the final decision only picked on your (Medela Ameda than more expensive on the same level, but the effect seems almost). Has been concerned about for a long time, fluctuations in prices are down only once, this single pole record low of US $ 197.99 (minimum time 199$ in the past), but this time pushing Amazon’s proprietary, credit guarantee. Ameda clock models, the RDA is Ultra-luxury.

All configurations are included. Ultra breast pump model 17085M,Carry All 17077P functions with slightly different, but it’s not used, are not comparable. However, the bag is so good, put a mark sufficient to be called on a large brand package. Accessories, power supply: AC adapter, 6 AA batteries, car adapters, are available.

But without buying adaptor 220V universal power supply. United States Amazon is priced at $ 197.99, myself when I bought it was 205 times. Just 8.8 pounds in weight transit time needed fiscally. I gave birth to baby June, by which time will offer real practical experience! Virtues compared with rhyme is relatively soft, and Ameda is the more mechanical breast pump; Le massage time with 2 minutes of virtue, Ameda no; but Ameda volume is small, 6, 5th battery saving power; Ameda used no water with a protective cap; suction larger Ameda; all can be purchased according to their own needs.

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump, double electric breast pump Kit $197.99

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