Belkin QODE Portable Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the All New Kindle Fire HD 7″ & HDX 7″ (fits both devices)

Kindle Fire HDX series with excellent workmanship and shows popular with everyone‘s favorite, the major manufacturers have launched around, dazzling in the world, this black Belkin case came to the fore with a keyboard, and reading at the same time, is particularly suitable for any work that requires input.


Computer accessories from Belkin Belkin is a international renowned companies, are popular for their delicate and exquisite workmanship. This paragraph with keyboard protection sets, back of pierced perfect of fitting has Kindle HDX the component, Twill texture and Kindle Fire HDX seamless, Belkin Belkin of QODE classic keyboard through Bluetooth connection, press reaction sensitive, provides good of entered experience, two species folding mode giving comfort of perspective, keyboard since with battery, support 160 hours of continuous entered or 80 days of standby time, using Micro USB connection computer charging. Turn your HDX, a second computer.


United States Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 and HDX 7 applicable sells for $ 79.99, suitable price is 89.99 HDX 8.9inch, Amazon‘s proprietary, although there are drops a corner of the magnet commented that receiving product, as long as photos saved evidence at this time, you can apply for a refund. Receive the perfect product user commented, very useful for a product, when you pressed the wrong button, and make a sound like a old IBM Selectric typewriter
Belkin QODE Bluetooth keyboard protective case ( for Kindle Fire HD 7 and HDX 7/8.9 ) $79.99/$89.99

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