This paragraph BRAUN Braun amount temperature meter, cargo, for FHT1000, in similar thermometer inside sales first, user evaluation General is good, is beauty Asia four stars half praise of reputation products, just with thermometer touch touch baby of forehead, 1 seconds can fix to baby temperature of headache things, big screen displayed baby of temperature, with backlight features, night Dim of lighting also can reading, easy in baby sleeping of when measurement temperature, very convenient, temperature fear baby cry downtown has, also can used to measurement baby of milk, and
Supplementary food or bath water temperature, the thermometer will of course because of environmental differences will produce larger errors, pursue precision and MOM and dad are not taken into account, if you simply give the baby a daily monitoring can still be a. United States Amazon is priced at $ 27.23.

BRAUN Braun FHT1000 thermometer $27.23

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