The price falls further record lows, 590cc more cost-effective in comparison. We often compare 590cc currently superimposed Coupon for $ 111.39. This paragraph 550cc is Braun of in the end products, anti-sliding handles, three knife head can four to full floating, veneer induction positioning precision, patent ActiveLift ™ technology as hand Department natural of upper and lower linear movement, capture and trim clings skin of shall issue, emerged unscathed not left-the conquered hard shaved parts, patent momentum comb, three level shaved must system, precision Shu sliding blade, new OptiFoil omentum, Super sense geometry omentum, long must trim players, automatically clean charging base, fast charging, body washed, with travel box, 100-240V universal voltage, Germany.
In Series 5, compared with the previously released 590cc slightly differently, this display panel display display power usage status of 2+1LED, 590cc 4+1LED display board. United States Amazon is priced at $ 125, click on the page below the Coupon, settlement, State enjoyed a $ 30 discount, paid $ 95 shipping weight about 2 lbs, made history again with low price;

Braun Series 5-550cc electric razor $95 (Coupon required)

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