BULOVA Bulova is a watch brand, owned by Loews, by Joseph · Bulova in 1875 in the United States was founded. This BULOVA Bulova ladies watches, elegant and refined, generous beauty. Watch case and strap with polished stainless steel, mineral crystal glass, offers excellent scratch performance; White Dial with rose gold plated bezel, pointers and Roman hour markers, very elegant and good-looking; hand-set with 24 diamonds, luxury inside, great temperament. Quartz movement, ND 26mm, 7.5mm (official data), waterproof 30m.
Maya user ratings, looks very happy with it. Current United States Amazon the specials to us $ 132.52, transfer to the hands of about 910; third parties price 1923 Jingdong Yuan, Taobao shopping service ranging from about 1100 to 3000 Yuan, Hai Tao have the price advantage.

BULOVA Bulova MARIBOR 96R176 ladies diamond fashion wrist watch $132.52 (about 910 CNY)

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