Bo trophy small double barrel drop ~ United States Dr Bushnell to the company is focusing on high-performance sports optics industry famous brand, has 50 professional lens coating technology and manufacturing experience, our products including binoculars, rangefinders, GPS, etc.
The Bushnell Trophy XLT binoculars Dr, Dr belong to more high-end series, and a BAK-4 roof-prism structure, 8 times the magnification, objective lens diameter is 32mm,1000 m vision range of 131 meters, Centre AF, fog proof, PC-3, thin film coatings, internal nitrogen-filled, 439g.
Compare 10x42mm recommended before multiple versions, this 8 times larger version at a lower price, portability, the most important point is that if the handheld can avoid the 10 times magnification part of the crowd shaking Vertigo problems may occur, more suitable for carrying hand-held use. United States Amazon is priced at US $ 65.99, recently considered starting cheap … Outdoor enthusiasts may wish to have a look or a telescope.

Bushnell Trophy XLT binoculars trophy series (8x32mm) $65.99

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