Calvin Klein Key Item Saffiano leather satchel handbag 100% leather shape imitating a popular “bat packs” shape top zip design, is more safe and convenient internal with 2 multi-function pockets and a pocket for easy sorting phones and bits and pieces. 47 x43 x 17 cm size.
Overall feel is very fashionable, suitable for working women. United States Amazon currently black and nude special price $ 149.94, shoes may also be used for 80 percent of JUNSAN14, eventually paid $ 112.45 a 47 percent discount, to Amazon’s proprietary new low price. Free United States shipping in the territory, shipping weight is about 4 pounds, and transit of about 830 Yuan, about domestic price is about 1800 +, the sea washes the advantage is quite obvious, necessary values can be considered.

Calvin Klein $112.54 Key Item Saffiano leather handbag (about 840 CNY)

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