Calvin Klein by Calvin Klein, the founder of the brand was established in 1968, is the United States’s top designer brands. To the simple and fashionable style popular. Its merchandise line covered rich, this paragraph Calvin Klein ladies single shoulder package, for bucket package design; bucket package is LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton Yu 1932 launched of, style classic not back pop, practicality high can carrying can back; this paragraph used Saffiano cross pressure lines leather material, even not loaded full things, package body also still has type, and rugged, flat late can stands; pumping with design, sucking iron buckle, security can relative zipper lower, Valuables can be placed but contains a zip pocket, and the bag can be classified in two articles; light thin straps is not thick, but strong enough. Dimension: high 30.48cm, 15.24cm*31.75cm at the end of the current United States Amazon this black budget to $ 128.24, overlay JUNSAN14 size 75 percent, paid $ 96.18, TRANS-700;6PM about this quote $ 129, Taobao shopping service ranging from about 1100-1700 Yuan, Hai Tao have the price advantage.

Calvin Klein Key Item Drawstring Bag Lady leather bag $96.18 (requires code, about 700 CNY)

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