10 + battery + stainless steel strap waterproof 100 m + backlight, this time directly tie specials ~ must have a lot of value since the last code table is likely to be the first block from CASIO Casio, CASIO AE1000WD-1AVCF men’s sports watch is in line with the “very first card table” location, affordable, durable and beautiful, functional whole. Appearance with the Casio G-Shock series classic appearance, LCD liquid crystal digital display below the standard, the top left show the world time (48 cities), pulse analog time display on the right. With 24-hour clock, Countdown, with 5 alarm setting, full backlit. Most worth mentioning is its supporting 10-year battery life and up to 100 meters water resistant, even in the absence of light kinetic energy also leaves much to be desired, fully displayed the essence of anti-Cao kabiao.

CASIO Casio AE1000WD-1AVCF men’s Sports Watch (stainless steel bracelet 10 battery, 100 meters water resistant) $16.99

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