Classic 5610 specials ~ after as much as 80 percent before God, but is also possible to start with a reasonable price. 5610 because of its classic shape, especially the red circle light show, radio + configuration of solar energy has won many people’s favorite. United States Amazon currently priced at $ 92.86 message size 80 percent after a rare good prices. Using a credit card purchase is equivalent to approximately 645 dollars through transit company (not including taxes and fees), the specific purchase methods may refer to the sea washes the Raiders.
Taobao shopping service on more than 700+ Yuan, Sun Plaza there are many Sun 5610 available for reference. CASIO Casio G-SHOCK 5600 series is a classic series of more players respected at home and abroad, has both G-SHOCK tough, durable and thin is not bulky body, both outdoors and in the everyday work wear can Joker watches, the speed, and the initial d of figure can also be seen in films such as 5600 series. The GWM5610-1 belong to this series, also has a tough exterior and good impact resistance.
Support 6 waves, including China, driven by eco-drive, automatic backlighting 4 daily alarms, stopwatch function, accuracy is one-one hundredth seconds, supported timer resin strap, 47mm case, the thickness of 10MM,200 meter waterproof. Netizen “ihatesummer” God of 5600 series review: “the classic and most versatile G-SHOCK, after generations of actors of different styles of States in countless movies deduction has become, flower House, base, regardless of type, tide, base … … Own charm can manage all kinds of men’s Watch, whether you’re muscles are dogbane, is being too is uncle, Zhang Shun (colour gray increase ing … … ) Is Li Kui, regardless of you is in work Alice class also is dunban, and meeting dating also is closing, and holiday school also is vent, and home in road also is in Star buck, and walk run also is lead, and shopping sweep Street also is servants Street, regardless of you in BMW in cry also is in Zagury laugh, and looked with sister sigh also is pinch with inflatable doll called…… In short, 5600 are available for you to add your own points. “What is worth buying friends” Hebi “profile:” 5610 red classic look, compared to 5600j maximum advantage of 6 waves, a month ago to a price of 114, after consistently at more than 120, the price is good, durable and Casio table this and now want to start is prw2000t. “What is worth buying friends” cjk26 “profile:” the difference between this and 5600j: 1, 6, and 3 councils, 2, red 3, day and date display, looks like 5600j only one explicit; these features is worth the difference of opinion. ”

CASIO G-Shock GWM5610-1 men’s Watch (6 waves, solar energy) $92.86 print

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