Handsome Casio climbing form than the last time the recommended price by us $ 10.4, AIU user rating 4 and a half stars. CASIO PROTREK PRW2500-1 ‘s tiny body configured for Casio triple sensor headed technical mountaineering series, with high/triple sensor barometer, thermometer, compass, 6 waves (supporting domestic airwaves in Shangqiu), 5 independent alarm, chime, and tilt automatic backlighting, 200 m water resistant. Double LCD display, tidal moon phase function. Comprehensive information based on altitude, atmospheric pressure, tides, weather forecasts. Solar-powered battery is fully charged, the energy-saving mode can run for 5 months.
While this watch strap rubber material, its excellent performance in moisture-proof and sweat-proof, there is high temperature, acid and alkali-resistant, elastic, easy to maintain, and other advantages, disadvantages just seems not 2500T titanium strap, then pull the wind or when worn for business people in the talks, which is why we choose according to their style. United States Amazon currently offers $ 164.6; has certain advantages, in the indecisive may wish to look at the friends of the Sun little happier.

CASIO ProTrek PRW2500-1 men Mountain Watch (solar, 6 waves, triple-sensor) $164.6

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