Sport Smart Watches new price ~ wearable in recent years hot watches sport climbing equipment and traditional fusion Junction has historically exhibited consistent upside momentum, this CASIO sports watch STB-1000-1CF Bluetooth is a representative, using a Casio G-Shock series a classic look, ultra light stainless steel case + metal rivets echo its motion, and bi-color mix also gave a full personality.

In smart aspects, its can compatible Wahoo Fitness, and Abvio’s Runmeter, and Walkmeter and Cyclemeter, common movement App, used low power Bluetooth 4.0 technology (meant with needs 4S yihou of equipment), convenient connection of while guarantee has wrist table of endurance time, through Bluetooth connection iPhone achieved control SMS/mail receives reminded, and call answering, and music play wait features, while also has looking for phone features. Sports watch features through a Bluetooth connection can easily track campaign at the same time the pulse, heart rate (heart rate belt sold separately), exercise time, speed, distance, and more data, and can also help cycling enthusiasts to monitor speed and pedaling speed (sensor sold separately) motion frequently used data. Water resistant to a depth of 100 meters can carry it for swim training and testing data, connecting a mobile phone for 12 hours a day, can persist for up to 2 year battery life.

CASIO sports watches Casio STB-1000-1CF Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0, 2 year battery life, motion detection, message alert) $64.99

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