Cole Haan is a United States fashion, shoes, and now product line includes clothing, bags, decorative accessories and so on, was bought by Apax as its high-end brand late last year, and its leather products are well-regarded, is United States fashion symbol.
This paragraph Cole Haan male package, package side has a hand plug with, convenient caught grip package bags; used leather material, touch delicate texture good; zipper design take real convenient security; internal two a main within bags separated, can reasonable classification items; built-in side bags for put small items; size about for long 35.5cm* wide 24cm* thick 5cm, everyone can see Xia simulation upper body figure, estimates not a special big package bags, for daily using. Current United States Amazon the Browns specials $ 71.03, like you can consider.

Cole Haan Greenwich Portfolio Sleeve Duffle Bag men’s business bag $71.03

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