Cost-effective and practical Hair Trimmer, recommended $3.49, than the last, not only to trim nose hair, apply a wider range. Mayer selling products of the same type, nearly 3,000 users evaluate the 4 and a half stars. AIU customers reflect the use is simple and convenient, low noise, shave without unnecessarily pull, not pain.

Sun square Sun, indicates that this product is enough, no need to buy very high-end products. “Hanger110”: “nose hairs while pen design building is convenient, can also be used to shape your beard. A fifth battery can, infrequently used usable for more than a month. “This paragraph Panasonic Panasonic this paragraph hair trim players, used original of Vortex smart wash NET system, single hand can convenient washed; duplex knife head more efficient removed nasal hair, and eyebrows, and poet Ho Chih-, facial hair; edge smooth, maximum degree to avoid has trim Shi of shot; styling compact, travel carrying also is convenient; 100% waterproof design, can in bathing Shi using, cleaning convenient can washed; used 1 section 5th, battery powered, can continued using 90 minutes. Products include trimmer body, protective case and a cleaning brush.
At the same time warm and remind everyone, hair as that is useful for the “human Air Purifier” didn’t need to prune too frequent. Current United States Amazon this price to $11.99, click on the page below the Coupon, settlement, knock $3, paid $8.99, about 55 CNY; weight, suggest that you get back. Drugstore offers $11.99.

Come up with a single product: Panasonic Panasonic ER-GN30-K wet nose/facial hair trimmer $8.99 (Coupon required)

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