Full of childhood memories of the artboard than the last price cut to $ 2.59. Graffiti is not only love the children’s friends, also contribute to the white walls keep their homes; students drafts can also be used to do the job, and more environmentally friendly than the paper. Boogie Board more like a power Board and scribbled with paintings, supports the fingers straight stamp, depending on your size, draw lines of different thickness, just like pen and paper. In addition to a LCD screen for the entire electronic blackboard, use safe plastic is made. 8.5-inch LCD screen is almost no power, 3V coin cell is sealed inside in order to set up one-touch clear screen, although not the battery, but it can take a long time.
In addition to the electronic blackboard, and, of course, equipped with electromagnetic pen, cleaning cloths, and other small accessories. United States Amazon currently multi-color special, black the lowest price at $ 17.4, about 110 million Yuan, four other colors are blue, green and pink at around 17.4 dollars.

Come up with a single product: the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet 8.5 inch electronic blackboard $17.4

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