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Independent sound card Sound Blaster z-series update the Gamescon Conference of the 2012 Games, with quad-core Sound Core3D audio processor chip that provides high quality audio and audio processing capabilities based on hardware, depending on the task to automatically adjust the sound quality. Positioning the sound gaming sound card, use PCI-e X1 slots 116db Snr. SBX Pro sound Studio technologies can create an immersive audio fidelity with 3D surround effect, Crystal Voice resonates with technical voice process can be automatically removed, ECHO and noise makes speech clear, was also a vocal microphone distance changing while still maintaining a consistent level of call volume. Quad-Core Sound Core3D audio processor chip can be excellent audio processing effects, and external audio control module (ACM) and the easy operation also looks very stylish.
EMI electromagnetic shielding enclosures, Maxim MAX97220 80mW-600Ohm Headphone amplifiers support speaker calibration technology, provide 5.1-channel output, optical I/O, but does not include a daughter card. United States Amazon is priced at $ 89.99, 87.99 dollars good price have occurred before, but rose in less than a day back, prices seemed more solid. This external audio interface as well as a sound regulator to facilitate external headphone and speaker switch is also very useful, need to be aware it is not only a more upmarket ZxR daughter card version, its Board is consistent with Sound Blaster z near.

CREATIVE Sound Blaster ZX SBX SB1506 gaming sound cards (116db Snr, external ACM, and Sound Core3D) $89.99

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