AIU low prices. DELL Dell of XPS series belonging to high-end products, main-oriented business people, shell using anode alumina enjoy Shang carbon fiber material, enjoy has a 1080P of 12.5 inches FHD full HD IPS touch screen (1920*1080, support more points touch controlled), only needed simple of flip, can as Tablet using, i7-4500U double nuclear CPU, enjoy Shang 8GB DDR3L, while graphics using of is Intel of core graphics HD 4400, but if it’s not large, the effect is gorgeous game, can easily Hold up, especially the mSATA SSD, 256GB, backlit keyboard, 2xUSB 3.0, one of the support shutdown charge, 1xMini DisplayPort video interface, transfer Windows 8.1 system, 6-cell battery theory offers a 6-hour battery life,
Although now mainstream Super 1.52kg weight slightly above the weight, but also materials used in reaction from the side of his conscience, solid workmanship. United States Amazon’s third-party price is $ 999.99, sold by DealFisher, praise should be fairly reliable, AIU has low prices. But Jing dong i7-3537U,128G SSD version is very suitable.

DELL super touch XPSU12-8670CRBFB 12.5 inch 2-in-1 (i7-4500U,8G,1080P touch screen, carbon fiber) $999.99

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