DeWALT is the United States, Stanley Decker company owned by first-line brand, brand is committed to creating a professional power tool for decades.
Products in black and yellow tones, which has become the company’s signature colors symbolize the rugged quality and reliable performance. This set contains DCD785 Cordless Impact drill, impact DCF885 Cordless screwdriver, DCR018 site radio and accessory Chargers. For a friend who loved to decorate my own electric screwdrivers and impact drill is an indispensable tool. Electric screwdrivers and impact drill in this set are using lithium-ion batteries, no mater optimized to remove the restrictions on the power and cable clutter, making users more convenient.
Lightweight design reduces hand-grip pressure. DCD785 Cordless Impact drill with a ratchet lock clamp, which can effectively prevent the drill bit slipping. Drill mode provides three gears up to 2000rpm speed, impact models provided under the two highest hit rate of 34000bmp. Maximum torque of 60Nm enough to deal with day-to-day decorating needs, LED light source can provide users with clear visual feedback of the drill. DCF885 Cordless impact screwdriver is actually an electric screwdriver (screwdriver), for everyday decoration in the large number of screws, electric screwdrivers advantage is very prominent. DCF885 provides up to 2800rpm of high speed, Max Max 2100ipm and 155Nm of torque pulse frequency can be effective to tighten the screws. DCR018 Engineering Radio has exactly this set highlights, 12V, 18V, 20V three lithium-ion battery, fully functional.
Heavy duty roll cage built into rugged design, is a classic improvement of DCR015 power, you can make the CD play, MP3, radio and satellite signal reception, belonging to the project leader in the radio. United States Amazon specials US $ 259, shipping weight 18 lbs, transfer approximately 2100 Yuan, come a set of approximately 3300 domestic Yuan. This power of the electric tool sets are suitable for people with engineering requirements, 20V charging design not only ensuring workplace safety to ensure the efficiency under high voltage 12/16V products from more powerful performance. Also note that this kit charger 120V voltage, internal need a transformer.

DEWALT Power DCK385C2 20V power tools set of three (impact drill, impact drivers, engineering radio) $259

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