Wire maintenance for more than two months of high prices, current prices of OE2i came to under $ 100, starting price could be considered in the near future, with no remotes for $ 109. Dr BOSE from the United States the well-known manufacturer of audio products, specializing in headsets, speakers and other devices. The BOSE headphones Dr OE2i was one of BOSE’s flagship product, using a patented enhanced Dr BOSE TriPort acoustic technology, have very good effect for bass gain and treble clarity. Fill memory foam ear-ear muffs, wearing comfort, flip, fold, removable headphones audio line, carrying more convenient.

Have anything here worth buying online Queen of the Sun.

First Sun single, hope you like them. ADO said Haitao first, of course, is going to take home a woman’s ass, plus the woman who always wanted a noise-canceling headphones, so I bought this cargo (know how to be friends before you spray, I know it’s not noise-canceling models). One day a year, worth buy was featured on one of these rare 70 percent low price: b …, please take a look at the penultimate line of the second paragraph also featured Dr Bose OE2i headphones (can I say small make up did I hang into the sea? Queen Queen’s Dr Bose OE2i headphones), since never before studied the Bose headphones, so I had great faith in direct orders.

Buy has zhihou days I and to Mall Bose stores in go has about, found this paragraph actually not drop noise of,, home a see, things are has to TRANS-has, also too lazy to back single of, and woman reported has about, she adults regardless of villain had, said not drop noise of also according to single full received has Queen adults QC Bose Dr OE2i head wearing type headset. About 1 month or so, second day of the new year’s day, lovely EMS courier sorghum finally called me Queen’s Queen’s Dr Bose OE2i headphones, hands is like this in the future. (Text below a picture, photo doesn’t look pleasing to you is Note3, followed by slightly more pleasing to 60D. Feeling at the end. )

Dr BOSE OE2i headphones-white Edition (with wire) $99.95 Sun-single

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