Good effect of anti-flatulence bottle drop $1.08 smaller than the recommended price last time. Dr Brown’s Dr Brown, a United States famous mother-brand, has a very good reputation. Their famous gas and gas dual-channel system of internal gas, is breast-feeding can promptly supplement the air inside the bottle during feeding, reduce oxidation, effectively saving nutrients, such as vitamins in milk. Built-in air scoop can eliminate the milk froth milk to avoid baby belly heaving caused by inhaling gas, burping, spit milk and other adverse reactions, allow your baby to enjoy “positive pressure, natural and smooth” like breast feeding experience, and positive pressure can also prevent liquid flow into ear resulting from otitis media with effusion.

This bottle of PP plastic materials do not contain BPA, the specification is 240ml. Moms reflect, Dr Brown anti-bloating effect is strong, Born may clean trouble Free than a little, but keep the dry milk powder, adjusting the water temperature and the ratio to reduce caking of powdered milk, you will not experience airway congestion problems, clear water can be cleaned easily.
Friends of “undermining self-obsession puzzle” said: “my baby, anti-flatulence is indeed amazing. Baby is now 3 months, frequency of vomiting milk 10 fingers counting out. Although the two parts to wash, but compared to baby vomiting milk packed after work, I prefer to wash both parts. “The United States Amazon currently 240ml3-Pack specials to $10.79 and value feedback from ship weighs about 1.5 pounds; non-glass texture, do not worry too much damage.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow wide-caliber feeding bottle 240ml*3 $10.79

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