United Kingdom Dr Martin shoes classic brands Dr. Martens, on behalf of the pioneer spirit of each generation, in addition to former United Kingdom punk rock family favorites, remains of classic English style, and 1461 is typical Martin boots. This Dr. Martens 1461 w Classic Oxford shoes for men and women with high quality smooth leather, classic three holes in belt, both practical and aesthetic features, versatile style.
Goodyear Goodyear technique by hand, walk the line neat, meticulous, shoe durability and outstanding quality. United States Amazon at present cikuan specials $ 63.36 Cherry Red color, although not the lowest price, but also a good price in the near future, measurements are more complete, parts inventory is insufficient, can look at the mind. What worth buy users “applemomoka” share road: “Cherry Red this paragraph size compared full, are for this price, select room larger, if select 13F (m) UK/14 d (m) Dark Brown is price for 43.99$, note which size”/”front part is United Kingdom yards, behind part for United States yards, d (m) for male paragraph size, b (m) for female paragraph, note distinguish. ”

Dr. Martens 1461 w women’s Classic Oxford Shoes $63.36

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