Featured DC44 full version before, when valuable feedback in comments DC59 is worth buying, but DC59 as new products, natural higher prices, current prices have been behind the March record low price of US $ 399, starting with the last Miss. With a low-end laptop price in Exchange for a clean, fresh environment, like it or not?

This paragraph Dyson Dyson of DC59/DC62 wireless handheld vacuum cleaner is last year September in Berlin IFA exhibition above publishing of new vacuum suck dust products, this year January end of only in United States Amazon last sales, despite is new, but already has trenches value friends in this station Sun single has, details please moving: Dyson Dyson DC62 handheld type vacuum cleaner pet version more figure killed cat, attached run volume video, has purchased intent of value friends may wish to more reference of. There are two models, because the European and American version named the difference is, in Britain and the United States named DC59 called DC62 in other European countries and Hong Kong. DC59 of pet version enjoy has four a suck head, contains two a electric Turbo suck head: carbon fiber Turbo suck head and electric Turbo hair suck head, also also has fine sewing suck head and II unity suck head, through Dyson of 2 Tier Radial Cyclone patent, uses centrifugal force directly will dust dirt from air and objects surface separation, directly entered set dust box, so avoid has general vacuum vacuum cleaner of larger volume and noise, and no extra of supplies costs, except can for floor, and carpet, and

Furniture and other parts other than cleaning, can also be used for cars, sofas, mattress cleaning. And Qian generation of DC45 compared to, DC59 carries of V6 motor, speed can up 110000r/min, suction improve 1.5 times times; new of double more tapered cyclone patent minimum can absorbed 0.5 micron of micro-dust; new increased of carbon fiber brush Turbo suck head, not only light, more enhanced Qing brush capacity; continuous work time also from 20 minutes improve to has 26 minutes, and hosts weight is reduce has 0.3kg, work power for 350W, charging voltage is 100~240V, Domestic use without transformers, dust networks, removable washable filter and suction head.

But because this product is not listed on the domestic, so there is no way the HSP, also need care. United States Amazon DC59 pet Edition priced at $ 409, shipping weight about 10 pounds, transit of about 2860 Yuan, a treasure above purchase quotes in the 3600-4700 Yuan and Haitao was an advantage, after all, is new, no small decline, starting with the necessary values can be taken into account, don’t forget to watch Sun Oh ~

Dyson DC59/DC62 handheld vacuum cleaners Dyson pet version $409 , another DC44 good price

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