Dyson is synonymous with high-quality vacuum cleaner, their products are designed with future technologies. Digital Slim is a lightweight, wireless hand-held vacuum cleaners, feel lighter, easier to manipulate. Patented Dyson technology–Root Cyclone ™ (multi-cone cyclone) technology to build together, and is equipped with small, light speed 3 times as much as traditional motor of high density digital motor. Supported by the next-generation battery technology, this wireless handheld vacuum cleaner suction power never diminished can achieve up to 20 minutes of constant power operation. When encountering stubborn grime, the touch of a button, you can start the strong suction of up to 8 minutes.
Dyson has now stationed in China, but it seems that very few licensed sales on the Internet. Before we come and see a Netizen named “panny1021” broke ground: “Dyson DC44 new hand-held vacuum cleaners, although not the lowest price, but the price is very good, and wanted to buy some time ago when was 399 times. Lord some time ago is so urgently required that on Taobao. With a vacuum cleaner away previous puppies … Really, really easy to use! Two bedroom and two living room area was finished more than enough on a single charge, also wash countertops and other corners of the dust. How did not bend over, older people with a convenient. Take out once before from a vacuum cleaner to clean finished up an hour out, pick it up to breathe every two days, now, is also very easy to pack, efficiency doubled! Featured love housework friends consider one. “The United States once again, Amazon is currently special price to us $ 299, and shipment weight by 10 points.

Dyson Digital Slim DC44 handheld vacuum cleaner $299

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