This to a compared not common of Skins S400 gradient compression pants, zhiqian we recommended had S400 gradient coat, everyone can ready set equipment la, S400 and often recommended of A400 with for 400 series, in technology aspects difference is unlikely to, main is increased has warm sex, belongs to high-end series, we of Hao friends “light-years” in running equipment introduced article five: compression coat article in the introduced: “for cold weather of warm series, external elastic synthetic, built-in hollow caught velvet, Both high tensile properties, anti-pilling, breathable and soft.¬†Internal fleece fibers help maintain heat at clothing, can keep warm in cold weather. Pressure for torso can enhance the stability of motion. “The United States Amazon currently XS special price to $ 34.14, s, l code specials to 37.93 dollars, costs $ 36.03 m codes, transfer to hand in about 300 yuan, basically S400 for the lowest price, domestic sale to more than 700.
S400 thermal design, ideal for running in the morning, night running, marathons, and winter skiing. SKINS its 400 series Yu 2010 launched, can through dynamic pressure determination patent technology and 3D human scan technology measurement out more than 800,000 reliable data, refined out 400 precision compression points, while according to movement features in body needs parts used Memory MX unique fabric, better to help movement crowd improve oxygen supply, inspired movement muscle group vitality, reduced lactic acid stacked, accelerated body recovery, perfect tie body natural movement, improve movement performance, reduced injured risk.

Female SKINS S400 gradient compression pants $34.14

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