Bear boy loves to play more likely to slam the phone? Let this little dog to help you resolve the issue, Fisher ~ of this Laugh and Learn Apptivity Puppy toy poodle, is a fun educational toy, press the four paws dog dogs can be heard singing, laughing. You can also use devices such as iPhone or iPod Touch to iTunes Store downloads Fisher’s Laugh & Learn APP, mobile device and placed into boxes on dogs stomach, babies can play via mobile devices, uses AA batteries, easy replacement.
Benefit is that babies can play will not damage your own mobile device, short kids happy, free from worry. United States Amazon currently FAB businesses party favors Club specials to 12.99 dollars, through trans-hand about 200 Yuan, this sellers volume Super 7000, scoring 4.9 stars, can trust, and also is beauty Asia distribution, can cou single to 35 dollars waived United States territory freight, certainly more trust Amazon of also can select beauty Asia proprietary, price 13.85 dollars, gap does not big, TRANS-weight should according to 3 pounds calculation.

Fisher-Price Fisher Laugh and Learn Apptivity intelligent interactive toy dog Puppy $14.99

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