Mini packet summer beach seaside, bright vibrant colors.
AIU’s three users of this color to make the discussion, response to AIU illustrations color, two people reaction than look much more lively and vibrant, watermelon red not deep Orange, but other people do not like the colors; and, a very tiny, exquisite, to pay attention to size and color before you buy. FURLA fulla was founded in 1927 in Italy leather goods brand, known for its high quality handbags, audiences are mainly oriented on white-collar position in high-end, jelly packets known as.
Even though you think leather is more cost-effective than plastic package price is not high, but jelly bag is the signature product. This paragraph FURLA mini paragraph jelly package, Italy native, different Yu other zipper style of jelly package, this paragraph clamshell opening and closing, match metal buckles, very of eye-catching, color beautiful to drops, package body is high quality of special PVC material, is not general plastic, has waterproof, easily damaged, easy care, durable degrees even over leather, characteristics, besides texture so cute delicious of feels, summer out Street is very bright eye of, size size for 16.5cm*11.4cm*6.35cm,
Enough to store cell phone, wallet and other feminine necessities, while young girls will have to pretty up. Current United States Amazon Orange fell to $ 93.24.

FURLA Candy candy series Bon Bon jelly Mini Cross Body mini bag $93.24

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