Popular with people like angry birds from inflatable balloons, tiny drop! Lightweight, come up with a single good thing, give a man your are good! The end of the game is not fun, the Green pigs really deserved it, look at the birds, direct manipulation, kill the Green pig (of course, first you have to have a pig). Bird is actually inflated balloons, fill helium gas back up into the air, using the remote control the bird flying through the air. Auto-swim mode allows to manipulate more than one bird, do not feel bored. Requires 4 AA batteries power supply. Size 91.4*40.6*71.1cm. Because it is easy to under the influence of air flow, it is not recommended for outdoor use. If there is no helium, hydrogen is also temporarily, but need to use ropes to keep flies away. Purchase helium tanks of hydrogen or helium, may find selling balloons or flowers and fill.
Helium is quite safe, but hydrogen needs to be careful not to close to open flames, uh, grown-ups watch bear children.

United States Amazon FBA merchants by third parties Angel this toy Seller is currently priced at $ 8.94, low weight, and suits get brought back, with GILT prices to $ 20. Xiong kids joy ~ complete set can play really bird it ~

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