Pink and blue after Coupon, low prices. Germany is BRITA Brita filtered water appliance industry leader, sold in more than 70 countries.
Its production of filter by the United States National Sanitation Foundation NSF testing and certification, is safe and effective. This Brita Soft Squeeze Water Filter Bottle filter water bottle is specially designed for children’s unique soft shell filter Kettle, last good water quality, press-type design more attractive to children, and kettles come standard with Brita filter to filter chlorine, improve texture, softening water, improving the safety of water, Cup body uses recyclable materials do not contain BPA, and squeezable. Package includes 1 pitcher and 1 filter, volume 385ml, filter consumables and filtered water temperature should be controlled at 1-30 degrees. Each filter water Kettle filter at approximately 150L (approximately 300 bottles of mineral water) or replaced after 2 months of use. Need to pay attention was due to the presence of activated carbon, recommended when used for the first time contains impurities of water be poured out, after normal use.
Sun single zone with wonderful friends and burnt, welcome to onlookers. United States Amazon now pink and blue self cost $ 6.39, receiving extra 60 percent off after Coupon, paid US $ 3.83, Amazon’s proprietary historic lows. Green for $ 7.88, $ 4.73 after coupon, is also a good price. Light weight, suitable for I put them back. Portable filtration water bottle than household type in filter performance, also need to grasp at the time to replace the filter cartridge.

Get items: BRITA Water Filter Bottle soft shell children Kettle filter (filter) 385ml$3.83 (requires Coupon, Sun)

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