Beau usually exposing to the Sun over a long period of high SPF products are not recommended, xiaobian recommended we look at this SPF30 sun protection factor, more suitable for Office white collar for everyday use. Coppertone Coptic is the United States well-known professional sunscreen brand domestic has a good reputation, but fake, no less. The Waterbabies water babies sunblock, able to isolate UVA/UVB, SPF SPF30, helps prevent drying of skin aging. Oil-free, fragrance-free, suitable for sensitive skin. Waterproof formula, officials say may also remain valid for 80 minutes in the water. Specifications 237ml (8FL oz).
Note that sunscreen avobenzone volts into benzene, after smearing may be dyed yellow and white clothes and easy to clean, need extra attention. United States Amazon currently discounted to $ 8.59, Amazon import price in the near future, suits and other items I put them back together.

Get items: Coppertone Coptic Waterbabies water babies sunscreen (oil-free, SPF 30, 237ml) $8.59

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