Summer, sister note that sunscreen ~Coppertone Coptic is United States well-known professional sunscreen brand domestic has a good reputation, but fake, no less. This Lotion Ultra Guard sunscreen to isolate UVA/UVB, SPF SPF50. Oil-free, fresh and not greasy. Waterproof formula, officials say may also remain valid for 80 minutes in the water. Specifications 237ml (8FL oz).
Focus on adults and children can use, is also very convenient. United States Amazon at this special price US $ 8.65, good prices in the near future, s&s a lower price may also be used. Light weight considering I put them back. Taobao channel lowest price at around 200 Yuan, too lazy to Amoy Taobao users can consider the sea channel. Small make up one word of warning, the best sunscreen is not out of friends ~ (joking) go out remember Sun block lotion + umbrella, summer work and look pretty sister ~

Get items: Coppertone Lotion Ultra Guard sunscreen 237ml$8.65 (also s&s)

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