KOR came from United States Cup brand, its real is known also because after uncle in IRON MAN 2, iron man, currently in America is very high, Beckham Street Cup not far from hand.
And I have stood on this artifact-rich and informative experience, there is the brand Sun KOR ONE series, you can go to check out. KOR water bottle several times gaining international industrial design awards, such as the Good Design, has a sleek form factor and more innovative features to win. This paragraph KOR Delta series movement Kettle, triangle type of handles design than hot of Kor One series more humanized; separation type Cup cover design, makes loaded water and cleaning more convenient, also can placed personalized of head posted, and label,; unique of security bolt, can avoid accident touch opened caps and led to leaking of problem; no thread Cup mouth, drinking sense more better; Cup mouth caliber big, placed ice, also very convenient; rubber bottom, anti-sliding of while and does not on furniture produces damage; security of Tritan material , Does not contain Bisphenol a BPA chemical materials.
Each Cup has two preprinted paper. Current United States Amazon the carbon black 500ml special price $ 11.79, best selling product for the order, can’t wait to take caution and another 750ml special price: US $ 13.37, drugstore website 750ml sells for $ 14.99, KOR United States official website offers $ 19.95.

Get items: KOR Delta BPA Free Water Bottle sport bottle 500ml$11.79

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