Nature’s Bounty Calcium 1200 Mg. Plus Vitamin D3, 220-Count

Unchanged from the price when it was featured. Nature Made is the world‘s leading health food brands, which produced more than 150 kinds of products, by the United States Pharmacopoeia USP and double strict GMP quality assurance, sell well in more than 40 countries of the world.
This liquid calcium soft capsule, to help maintain and build strong bones and strong teeth, increase bone density, osteoporosis prevention, and liquid forms of calcium with better mobility, better absorption than Childlife liquid calcium, soft capsule is more convenient to take, recipe more suited to need calcium and GI tract is not good and easier for the elderly to constipation in pregnant women. 100mg*100/bottle, each containing 400IU of vitamin D3 and calcium 600mg; 1 capsules, 1-2 times per day, it is recommended that served food. Note: this product is a dietary supplement, cannot replace drugs.


Current Walgreens bottles priced at $13.99 for this, buy one get one free, single bottles of $6.99, about $ 45, advise people to get back to, but may not be light weight, everyone at their discretion. IHerb singlebottle price $12.27,drugstore price $12.29, after secondhalf price bottles of $9.22, AIU three bottled $21.39; Taobao shopping service post about is $ 80$ 150, draw attention to the screening.


Walgreens is the United States well-known chain pharmacies, which has more than 7,000 stores. Websites selling pharmaceuticals, health care products, such as cosmetics and exercise equipment. Sea washes the friendly, supports China‘s dualcurrency credit cards, as well as the forwarding address, on orders over $25 free United States shipping in the territory. In addition, Nature Made natural manufacturing activities of other products also have buy one get one free, we can look at.
Get items: Nature Made Calcium liquid calcium with Vitamin d natural material (600mg, *2 bottles of 100 capsules) $13.99

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