Pink 30D special, otherwise white recommended sizes for more than the last. Running should be the most effective exercise to lose weight, but sister paper did boast a bust this time turns into an annoying burden, in order to maintain the appearance of breasts, a professional performance helped fixed support bra becomes more necessary. Shock Absorber is the United Kingdom celebrated sports bra brand, professional and ergonomic design, reputation is very good, official website link here.
I also recommended several times that it’s sports underwear. Today recommended of this paragraph cargo, for B5044, belonging to more high-end of a paragraph movement underwear, Chinese name for running sweet heart, that is specifically for running, dramatic movement design of style, fabric used speed dry, and breathable, and suck Khan of material, movement up no pressure, very of comfort, back with upper and lower two a button off, can according to themselves of figure adjustment comparison comfort of size, above is l shaped cross buckle, fixed effect more, this paragraph underwear of fixed performance, and stability, and package reply sexual are very excellent, and with sustained earthquake efficacy
, Reducing the vibrations in the chest when running, so as to effectively protect the chest, maintaining a good chest, even for very competitive sport, can provide more rigorous protection, AIU a four star review, users generally reacted with a good degree of support, but partly in response to put on at first is slightly more complicated. United States Amazon now pink 30D are low in stock, discounted to $ 19.2, about 120 Yuan, white b Cup size circumference in stock, special price $ 23.7, about 150 Yuan, lighter weight sports bra, but the sizes selected for attention. Sports underwear was meant to prevent vibrations in the chest during exercise, so in addition to the initial moment may feel slightly tight, chest pressure or flat-chested, in General as long as they don’t, would also be appropriate. We can talk more about it.

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