THERMOS thermos foogo more discount furniture ~THERMOS thermos foogo sippy cups designed for babies. 0.3L of capacity to a little baby is quite enough. Suitable for babies over 18 months to use (3). This mug features stainless steel inner and external antibacterial processing, not germs. With leak-proof function, a key to open the bottle, using silicone straws, safety and health. Coke bottle cap used polypropylene material (through the United States FDA certification, materials specified for the Europe and America in infants and young children), and contains no BPA components, no poison, no smell. Baoleng, heat preservation effect is about 10 hours.
Dimension, diameter 13.5cm, high 19cm. United States Amazon sale $12.08 at present, Pink, Poppy color, a little smaller than the May drop, it is a good price in the near future. Shipping weighs less than 1 pound, get their babies at AIU shopping take a nice, got about 76 dollars (excluding freight). Carefully screened prior to purchase.

Get items: stainless steel THERMOS thermos foogo sippy cups (0.3L) $12.08

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