Helly Hansen from Norway’s professional outdoor brand, mainly for ski, outdoor, sportswear, products that covers outdoor fields, currently in the country to see him than the shopping malls are everywhere. Helly Hansen Pace Half Zip is applied during exercise in quick-drying pullover, with HH COOL quick-drying fabrics, highly breathable, quick evaporation sweat and drying function, semi zipper sleeve designed to reduce weight and improve comfort.
Underarms, arms, and fabric on the back of larger aperture, plays better evaporation and quick-drying features, fabrics and sleeves with a blue reflective, night ride and improve safety. United States Amazon now dark blue color scheme special 17.5 dollars, sizes complete, but in limited quantities. Two pieces to meet free shipping standards. However referenced only user evaluation instructions this quick-drying clothes in the armpits and the back will have a certain visibility, dark blue and green mosaic of sportswear is also acceptable.

Helly Hansen hailihansen Pace speed half-zip men’s Hoodie (dark blue) $17.5

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