Then drop $ 20 ~ ~ Hewlett-Packard’s Omni O10-5600US 10.1 inch Tablet PC uses Z3770 as the most powerful quad-core Intel Atom processor core, the Gao Ruipin to 2.39GHz,2GB capacity DDR3L, comes with 32GBeMMC storage capacity, screen resolution of 1920*1200,Bluetooth, a MicroUSB 3.0, and a Mini HDMI connector, straight into the mobile hard disk, Connecting a monitor is very convenient.
Native Windows 8.1 system that supports exe desktop programs, Office 2013 student version, the battery capacity is 31whr, theory of 8.5 hours of battery life, thickness 1cm, total weight of about 2kg. United States Amazon priced at $ 299.99 drop $ 20 than previously recommended, but to add to cart to see price.

HP Omni O10-5600US 10.1 inch Windows Tablet PC (Atom Z3770/2g/32g/1920×1200) $279.99 (includes tariffs of about

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