The Hush Hush Puppies men’s leather casual shoes, leather, more casual style, mesh lining to match the Sheepskin footbed, breathable performance is good, and can provide dry and comfortable dress environment, AIU comments some narrow shoes, feet wide and fat is not recommended to buy a copy.
United States Amazon grey sells for as low as $ 60.97, but size is not very together, about 470 Yuan, reviews are relatively comfortable. Attachment: Hush Puppies school officer Fang Nan shoe size conversion: size 6-39 yards; 7-40 yards; 8-41; 9-42 yards; 10-43 yards; 11-44 yards. Shoe width: B/N: narrow and D/M-normal 2E-widens; wider 3E-; 5E-super wide. (E and 2E width difference in 0.5cm, 3E and 5E etc) General than Europeans and Asians feet are wide, feet wide or tall friends buy 2E can be duly taken into account.

Hush Puppies Leo Sneaker men’s leather casual shoes $60.97

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