Color jumping of Kipling package package to has, while usually recommended of Kipling also many, but purple of style does rare, Kipling is from Belgium of famous leisure bags brand, trademark Shang logo sexual small monkey and caught wrinkle nylon fabric of using are let people impression deep, brand not only for we brings fashion easy of package bags, also hopes for everyone brings happy and are energy, this paragraph Kipling Kay Urabayashi Mimmie female package is capacity larger of buckets package style,
Unique 420D nylon fabrics are Kipling, rugged and water resistant, wrinkle, of course, there are signs of surface treatment, as well as never absent Gorilla pendant ~
United States Amazon purple currently discounted to $ 44.81, paragraph on the Zappos for $ 74.25 with a series of other color matching, but Kipling United States official website handbags with series (note the smaller Tote, handbag, not a large shoulder bag) Silver Edition for $ 32.99, you do not need large MM Kit is also available to select handbags, but there is no purple; While Kipling United States official website launched a small shoulder bag and hand bag concert by the uniformity of the $ 29.99 price, with a focus on color choice, the price is not expensive, as usual, is a purchase over $ 75 from United States shipping in the territory, like Kipling style sister may wish to look at.

Kipling Ms Kay Urabayashi Mimmie large bag/shoulder bag purple $44.81, another official website $29.99 uniform sales

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