With five during the same price. Classic tale of headphones KOSS PP is sold in more than 20 years, Jordan, Jay advertising, bass-good blow to the head, while the treble has been lacking, one thing spill sound, but is used to listen to pop, rock, dance music, if not very discerning ears, good enough.

Bi-directional rugged metal head beam (glasses party need not worry about). United States Amazon currently special price us $ 24.99, and black five lightning specials, with the price, it is recommended that I put them back, shipment weighs about a pound, buy pays United States shipping in the territory, transit costs about 240 Yuan, as classics in the classical Gaussian PP says it can fight another 20.

Mixed bag on Taobao, the price is a mess.

Netizen discussion last time the recommended warmly, picked some of the comments below, for majority of Internet users ‘ information:

What’s worth buying friends “nick9550” profile: K420,pp has comprehensive quality 420 top for many, many, pp for loud rock music treble bored a lot. And harder to push, I s754 must be low when the PP was confined to the pot. Push the IPC would be even better. But 420 is not what you hear 420 long, ask you what features you simply can’t find it.

What can hear anything, pp rock is loved, one who will go.

What’s worth buying friends “michaelchenx” profile: Listening ears PP a few years ago, feelings, not to my taste, tone dye too heavy, except the bass boom head before and nothing else … … All entry-level headphones, I think users should be relatively small in the context of the PP, except for bass control and rock, others are not well suited to … … PX100, K420, I think are better than PP to balance a lot, PX100 is not comparable, not buy, K420 as an entry-level headset, is still worth having … … Add topic: Grado iGrado is on 300 grade I think sound best headphones, headset-wearing, not everyone can accept … …

Both K420 PX100, none of its opponents, of course, the PP is even pretty much … …

What’s worth buying friends “stuck pixel” profile: IGrado wear depends on the individual.

Hanging in the back of the head and some people don’t like it, some people are uncomfortable. Headphones it’s a matter of opinion what everyone’s tastes are different. About 300 members of the large headphones I’ve heard guys say, my favorite is PP. Alli can say is that the bass, although sometimes a blown head dizzy. But the irrepressible love.

Hehe Also, the PP is Apple’s full line of a perfect match. Inexpensive, but also up the bass.

Apple devices is almost no bass.

What’s worth buying friends “michaelchenx” profile: Does have a lot of questions hanging wear after I yourself tends to be like hanging, but I must admit iGrado wore long, clip the ears … … In addition to Apple’s devices, I think in addition to iPod Classic, Apple device about the same sound quality (Shuffle worse of course) … …

Also has is, I personal think, in a Deputy light (or balanced type, also can said is didn’t features,, haha ~) headset and a Deputy bass volume more of ear while pendulum in together of when, bass volume more of that a ear of listening sense is very please people of, but time long has zhihou, on see a people preferences has…… Yes … … PX200 resolution indeed stronger than the PX100 … … Around 300 grade headphones on, in fact, only do a little feature, such as such as PP, what to generally think of a grade is not going to happen, this grade on the headset, basic advantages and disadvantages are very clear that … … Personally, I think the K420, PX100, PP is very clear product positioning (PP may be more “radical”, hehe ~), each with its own characteristics, not good or bad, just personal preference … … Compared to relative, PX200, characters are less obvious, giving a “scam” feeling, some features were missing, as was the product of a compromise failed … … If the PX100 is a 80% worth buying, PX200, probably, 40% worth buying, hehe … …

Purely personal feeling … …

What’s worth buying friends “nub Linda Tarui” profile: Actually sounds this thing, there is no need to debate. PP prevalence in the US 28 years enduring, it does not need to spit to prove. Over there in the music, hippop and rock and roll is definitely in the mainstream category, PP I feel best suited hippop, listened to rock, until otherwise is somewhat of a mess. Like it or not like it or lump it, this is a portable with a strong style. Fired didn’t have to listen to others to follow into one, there’s no need to spray into them on the Forum, this is simple-if you dish your ear feels is sufficient.

KOSS PortaPro headphones portable $24.99

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