LA ROCHE-POSAY is as famous and yayang, Vichy, in spring of France four cosmeceuticals, currently part of the l ‘ Oréal group.
To use hot spring water as raw materials, products are effective and mild irritation, rapid rise in popularity in China in recent years. Anti-aging eye cream skin care this spring, suitable for mature skin, and tightening around the eyes, the skin, under the effective tightening of bags under the eyes, two revolutionary anti-wrinkle ingredients Linactyl together with Pro-Xylane against skin ageing, eye skin reproduce the luster stick, to gradually eliminate fine lines and puffiness.
Apply morning and evening, without preservatives and fragrances, sensitive muscles as well. Current United States Amazon this special $19.22, light weight cheap, suggest that you get back; drugstore quotes $45

LA ROCHE-POSAY Substiane + Eyes wrinkle skin Springs firming eye cream 15ml $19.22

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