Lansinoh is the United States well-known manufacturer of baby products, is an International Association of milk recommended brand. MOmma is its brand, Roly-Poly bottle liked by all of it. This paragraph bottle we zhiqian recommended had, styling chunky cute, convenient baby caught holding; tumbler design keep upright State, easily spilled; used AVS ventilation system, can control velocity, effective reduced heaving gas phenomenon occurred, does not has exclusion reaction 100% silicone nipple; can can automatically telescopic, let baby freely of sucking, security health; wide caliber design, convenient rushed bubble milk of while also easy clean. Material safety do not contain BPA.
This package contains the 150ml bottle-2, 250ml bottle-2, replacement of nipple 2 and a special bottle cleaning brush. Current United States Amazon the suite specials $ 30.08, transfer about 270 Yuan, diapers for $ 42.29, buy baby supplies assured.

Lansinoh mOmma Bottle Kit with anti-flatulence bottle Nipples tumbler Kit $30.08

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