AIU proprietary does not cut a single, Lego version of the Simpsons, buy the is making ~ although Mayer has last for more than four months, but proprietary stock day add up to a total of less than 10 days … Has been sold out. Le high 71006 is recently just listed of new, Simpson first contact electric Le high, and only so a set, so inside of people Tsai along foot precious, except contains Simpson who of Homer, Marge,Bart,Lisa and Maggie, also has they of “good neighbors” Ned Flanders, but sample figure in the Flanders of shovel took in right hand, but original in the but Lefty, also opened with lefty specifically shop Oh ~ Neuro Krusty the clown is absent in the movie with some regret, but there is at least a first. Next set will probably restore the clown Burger and a spooky playground. A total of 2,523 particles.

LEGO 71006 Simpson The Simpsons ™ House House $199.95

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