Logitech laser pen brand reputation is trusted, the Logitech R800 wireless demonstrator, the price has remained stable, fewer price cuts, nearly 700 Yuan price has been at home, may be the best wireless briefing, Haitao price is quite obvious. What is worth buying friends “flymonkey” recommended reasons: because of my job, always concerned about the cargo, fighters in a briefing, on a variety of tall.
Main look of advantages has: 1, and silent timer, can displayed countdown, and has vibrations reminded function, this in some has strictly time limit of occasions, is very needs of; 2, and LCD display, can displayed countdown, and battery power and signal strength, this basic on can avoid in report midway battery didn’t electric has of embarrassing; 3, and up 30m of paranormal of remote control distance, can took with full classroom ran has; 4, and green laser, just cool, is very cool, main is conspicuous.
In addition, user evaluation of fine, feel super good.
This long-term 699 in Jingdong, favorable rate 99%. United States Amazon currently sells $50.99, than the small drop last time recommended a $ 4 price of about 400. Often use the presentation value for enthusiasts, Haitao was meaningful. But netizens, please note that no IWS, high-end as a demonstrator, still needs to focus on situations and risk-averse.

Logitech Logitech R800 wireless presentation (Presentation Manager) $50.99

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