New recommended reduction of $ 25 than last time, valuable responses the brand quality is not too good, but there are also values the friends purchased XV11 feel good; Sun purchased after doing your homework valued friends think this is good to use, interested can go to the onlookers. Neato is a focus on sweeping robots United States enterprises, small, but sweep the floor as a robot of rising stars in the field, products or popular recognition. Compared with iRobot and Neato’s biggest advantage is its sweeping robot laser distance measuring system, you can learn the structure of the whole room, the route does not follow a stochastic algorithm, more efficient. XV-21 which uses this kind of technology, comes with RPS drawing room positioning system will clean the room before induction generated digital maps, in a straight line path to clean, avoid hitting objects or walking in circles in the cleaning process was unable to work, and automatically detect and draw paths leading to other rooms. Centrifugal impeller, flooring, carpet, ceramic tile and other ground will work at different speeds, ensure good cleaning effect, clean up after the XV-21 will automatically return the base charge, built-in sensors also can protect the stairs fall.
Charging base support is 100~240V, can be used directly in China. Current United States Amazon the new edition on sale $ 279.99 click on the Coupon at the bottom of the page, and made an extra $ 25 discount off, paid $ 254.99, transfer to the hands of about 2100, recent start with good prices; Taobao shopping service ranging from 2500-4500 Yuan, Hai Tao have the price advantage.

Neato XV-21 Pet & intelligent + sweeping robot pets for Allergy cleaning kit $254.99 (requires Coupon, about 2100) print

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