New Chapter is a nutrition company adhere to organic farming, to boycott genetically modified, in Costa Rica with pure natural organic farms.
The multivitamin is One of its most famous Daily series, certified organic products, can be taken on an empty stomach, slightly higher than domestic brands added to recipe, in view of the New Chapter is known for easy absorption, recommended purchase. This paragraph new chapter male integrated vitamin, and we zhiqian recommended of daily a grain of effect almost, also used organic of vegetable and herb extraction real made, can fasting taking, can for body function added energy and ease daily pressure, protection heart and can improve immunity, contains of mineral elements and Vitamin D3 can enhanced bones health; most nutrition material species same, difference is, single tablets content less, needed daily taking two tablets, To get daily nutrients a grain series; recipes add Vitamin D3 levels higher than that of people’s needs, can confirm their own need to add weight, can reduction take to prevent overdose.
Health care products as dietary supplements, not content, the higher the better, still need to choose their own. Current United States Amazon the 72 pieces, special price to $ 23.83, about 150 Yuan, light weight suggest that you get back; drugstore sells for us $ 31.17

NEW CHAPTER Every Man Multivitamins men’s multi vitamins new chapter 72 $23.83

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