120 tablets of low prices. NEW CHAPTER 100% natural raw material, separated without the use of chemical agents or chemical solutions, its own organic farm products to natural security is user trust. Each capsule contains 1000mg of this fish oil high quality fish oil, the main raw material for alas deepen the natural sea wild salmon, salmon contains more than twice times more Omega-3 than any other seafood. Omega-3 protecting cardiovascular health, enhance immunity, protect the heart, lower blood lipids, improve memory, protecting vision, suitable for adults and the elderly to take.
Eat 2 times a day tablets one at a time, this is a dietary supplement, cannot replace drugs, pregnant women, nursing mothers and those with chronic diseases to eat prescribed specifications 120 tablets. United States Amazon’s current price of $ 26.84, lightweight shipment, to set up a single eligible for free transportation services.

NEW CHAPTER Wholemega natural fish oil 1000mg*120 grain $26.84

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