Update: today’s Golden box bargain splash Reddy’s various storage devices, including memory cards, USB memory sticks and SSD solid state drive.
Many of these models are low-priced, you can choose to get one back. Extreme speed low price ~Sandisk splash Reddy SSD product line is divided into the pursuit of power-Ultra, Extreme and their commitment to excellence, speed, this Extreme II extreme extreme 2 generations, and Samsung 840Pro, Plextor M5P belong to the same level; thanks to high quality and high performance Marvell 88SS9187 master 19nm MLC SanDisk own Flash memory,
Have reached more than 500MB/s to read and write, read and write IOPS is 90/70K per cent. United States Amazon 240GB price reduction to $ 134.99, a record low, plus splash Reddy global warranty, really are more economical a well-off life rhythm, 480G price reduction to $ 229.99, the same record low prices. SSD looks like universal is not a dream, there is a demand of users to remain focused on the recent SSD price movements.

New low price: SanDisk splash Reddy Extreme II extreme speed generation 2 SSD solid state drive 240GB$134.99

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