Extreme high speed down $ 5, Jane turned to lower freight packages ~ professional Flash memory maker Sandisk SSD solid state drive products are usually categorized as Ultra (Chinese name extreme high speed) and Extreme (extreme speed) there is Extreme PRO (extreme fast Professional Edition) three. The Ultra Plus a more populist one, SLC/MLC hybrid, his MLC Flash Cody particles coupled with Marvell9175 dual-core chips can be considered proven. Nominal 530M/s reading and 445M/s can also be taken as a benchmark at the same level.
Thickness 7mm, fit laptop installation. United States Amazon currently priced at $ 104.5, low price, simple package shipments weighing just 69 grams, ideal for transport get back, transfer price of about 710 Yuan (1 pound), generally priced at 800+, sea washes the advantages worth considering …

New low price: SanDisk Ultra extreme Plus high-speed series SSD solid state disk Flash Cody 256GB Lite $104.5

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